List of Top Autosurf Exchanges

Name Timer Rate Comments
* .7 This is by far the best autosurf traffic exchange website, because you get so many
minutes in exchange and you can just leave the client running all day long without
doing anything. If you want to buy traffic this is one of the cheapest you can buy.
Recommended to buy premium to improve your traffic and gets you better exchange rates!
15 .9 This site has the option to resell traffic, when you send traffic to their link you get rewarded
with cash.
30 .5 This autosurf website can deliver youtube views really fast, definitely recommended when
you have a youtube channel.
* .6 With this autosurf traffic exchange website you can have an unlimited number of sessions
when you use different ip adresses.
* .7 French/English Site, one of the better sites to buy traffic on. This site gives you the most
traffic for the lowest price!
10 .6 Again one of the best autosurf sites, can deliver really fast and you can even convert
coins into cash!
35 .4 Has an online surf engine and you get 50% more cash commission when you upgrade.
25 .4 Gets you good cash exchange rates and is definately one of the better exchange sites.
40 .8 Different methods, not only surfing but also watching youtube videos and like on facebook.
Chance to win 1000 points a day.
30 .2 This exchange site got really a lot of different options to collect coins not only surfing,
for youtube subscribers and facebook likes you get rewarded with the most coins.
15 .7 You can add your own banner/text to this website to improve your organic search traffic.
* .5 Really high cash commission earn up to 50%! You can also earn rewards on this site.
10 .6 You can add a custom banner to this site and gets you good surf bonuses.
10 1 They offer auto play video/audio in the auto surf, if you have sound on your website this is
definately a good autosurf site for you.
55 .8 Russian autosurf website, when you are from Russia this is a good autosurf website. If you
are not from Russia you can just use the translate button to translate the page.
40 .4 Another great russian autosurf website, gives you a really good surf ratio.
* .7 This is also a russian autosurf site and delivered already a lot of traffic. Like all of the above
russian autosurf website this one also got custom HTTP referrer.
30 .45 German autosurf website, you can use your credits for a lot of things. You can swap your
credits or buy referrals to earn even more credits.
20 .5 This german site has 8 refferal levels, which gives you a lot of referrals!
45 .6 Has a lot of members and gets you really fast and easy traffic when you autosurf on their
15 .6 Again a german autosurf website which delivers you good and gives you signup bonus.
15 .6 This autosurf website is by far one of the best around here nowadays, gives you free ads
and also has banner exchange!
20 .4 French traffic exchange site which delivers good traffic to your website.
50 .8 This is another french autosurf website and got a protection from framebreakers.

Greetings traffic exchange surfer,

The traffic exchange list above is by far the best on the internet right now. You can find all sorts of traffic exchange websites and tips on how to improve your surfing. The websites are ranked on how good they are and how well they function. Most of the traffic exchanges might send you little traffic, but when you upgrade to premium you are most likely to get the maximum out of it. When searching for traffic exchanges, they all vary in surfing rates and delivery speed. The surf rates and timer shown above in the list are for free users, when you upgrade to premium you get more in exchange.

You can also buy traffic from the autosurf sites, it is not that expensive and you get a lot of hits for your website, blog or maybe youtube views. Also some traffic exchange websites offer to exchange your coins into cash to earn some money with it. You can also try to send traffic to URL-shortener sites like to convert hits into money. Just make sure you post the converted link in twitter and right click the link when posted. After that press on copy link adress. Add that link adress in the autosurf website and I'm sure you will make tons of money from it!

Enjoy your surfing time!